Nas & ATCQ - TribeMatic

Both integral parts of the golden era of hip-hip, Nas and A Tribe Called Quest contributed greatly to the 90's hip-hop scene. This project combines the lyrics of Nasir Jones over various tributes, remakes and renditions of classic Tribe songs from over the years to create TribeMatic.

Nas x Nujabes: NuMatic

Nasty Nas and Nujabes join forces to metaphorically recreate the classic Illmatic to create the mashup NuMatic. Using the jazzy background from a variety of Nujabes' unforgettable beats and lacing them with the rhymes from Nas' debut opus to reinvent this classic with a smooth, spring vibe.

The PharTribe

J Dilla/Cole - Colenuts

Presenting Colenuts - a 16 track Blend Tape/Mash-up featuring J Cole vocals mixed over various J Dilla instrumentals.

Good Kid, Mad Lib

Combining the lyrics of Kendrick Lamar with various instrumentals from Madlib's vast production discography to create "Good Kid, Mad Lib" and blend tape featuring two of the greatest contributors to west coast hip-hop. Having only collaborated previously on the Kanye West track "No More Parties in LA," but with reports that they were trying to connect in the past on a track, this mashup postulates what that combination would sound like over a full length album.

Outkast and the Soul Brother

Combining two of hip-hop's greatest duos, the lyrics of the one and only Outkast with the instrumentals from Pete Rock and CL Smooth's classic albums. This mashup puts Andre and Big Boi over the Soul Brother Pete Rock's production and blends the golden era sounds of both over 16 tracks.

Life After West

In March of 1997, the Notorious B.I.G. sadly passed away. In the early 2000's, one of the great beat makers of his generation, Kanye West, rose to prominence, working with a litany of east coast artists that associated with Biggie Smalls. If March 9th had never happened, one can imagine many collaborations between Ye and Big Poppa would have take place. This album seeks to unite the two and see what a potential collaboration would have sounded like.


MosVillain combines the flows of noted MF DOOM fan Yasiin Bey AKA Mos Def over the brilliant production from the Madvillain album to create MosVillain. In a tribute to the late MF DOOM, RIP.

All Eyes On The Hustle Redux

The companion piece to the original All Eyes On The Hussle, the Redux version features 2Pac's vocals over the instrumentals from various Nipsey Hussle tracks. Imagining what would have been had Pac not lost his life way to early and was still creating music in today's era.

All Eyes On The Hussle

Nipsey Hussle was dubbed by many people as his generation's 2Pac. From his music and words to his tragic end, he embodied the spirit that Pac had and left behind. This mashup puts Nipsey's powerful lyrics against the backdrop of music from Pac's catalog. Their combination blends together and it seems almost as if Nipsey's words were destined for the vibe that 2Pac himself rapped over almost two decades ago.

Mad Star: Shades of Black

Imagining the collaboration between one of hip hop's greatest producers and one of its greatest duos. Combining Madlib's Shades of Blue instrumentals along with a few other jazz-inspired tracks from the same era and mixing in the vocals of Mos Def and Talib Kweli to create Mad Star.

Marvin Jay

Blending the lush, soulful vocals from one of the greatest singers ever in Marvin Gaye with the production from the late J Dilla to paint a picture of what it would be like for the Prince of Soul to work with Detroit's finest. Putting together pieces of Dilla beats across a range of albums to create unique tracks to layer in some of the most famous hits from Gaye's collection. 

Marvin Jay 2

Returning again to the catalogues of two of the greatest musicians of all time to blend the vocals of Marvin Gaye with the production stylings of J Dilla. Choosing from Dilla's vast collection of beats and layering more of Marvin's beautiful lyrics, this follow-up album hopes to continue to answer the question of what a collaboration such as this would sound and feel like.

Marshall and the Soul Brother

David Begun has layered Eminem’s lyrics over the beats from the Petestrumentals album and mixing in various Pete Rock original samples and scratches to form a picture of what Eminem would have sounded like over one of the most acclaimed producers of hip-hop music in the 90’s.

Dr. OctoMobb

Combining the dark and sinister music backdrop from the Kool Keith and Dan the Automator inspired Dr. Octagon album with the poetic lyrics from Prodigy and Havoc's Mobb Deep to create the mashup Dr. OctoMobb.

Bob Marley and the Fugees

The collection takes various Fugees songs and remixes the lyrics with instrumentation from some of the most classic Bob Marley songs. Featuring rearranged original recording tracks, this project blends the essence of Marley's reggae sentiment with the strict hip-hop vibes from the Refugee camp.

Beast the Jewels

A mashup album that combines the riveting production by El-P on the Run the Jewels albums with the lyrics from the Beastie Boys catalog creates Beast the Jewels. This re-invents the songs Ad Rock, Mike D and MCA (RIP) and brings them into a new generation of music. Enjoy.

This latest mashup is a combination of two of the greatest hip-hop groups of the 90's, combining the instrumentals from The Pharcyde with the lyrics of A Tribe Called Quest. In an ode to the brilliant Bizarre Tribe album by Amerigo Gazaway, The PharTribe creates the reverse of what he did with that creation and utilizes the jazzy musical backgrounds created by J-Swift and LA Jay to provide the backdrop for Q-Tip and Phife (RIP) to lay down their back and forth poetry.